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Why Voting Sucks in Brickish Columbia

This has been a really fun project.

I brainstormed the idea with my friend Dayla Hart; and she took the lead as director while I pulled out bins of pieces and started building sets.  I’ll write up a little more on the creative process soon, but wanted to put this up now. With the Municipal Elections over, I hope that voters across the province will turn the attention to the extremely important issue of Electoral Reform.

Election BC has an excellent, in-depth and non-partisan explanation of both questions in this referendum and the potential new systems.
I also recommend Fair Vote Canada’s perspective, which is strongly in favour of Proportional Representation. Or my long rant in favour.
And last, if you have already heard on the radio that the skies will fall if we change our voting system, it’s worth having a look at this excellent Fact Check Site.

If you want a fast and simple explanation of all three new systems, I suggest this one.


Building the Exhibit at the New West Museum

The entire team at the VLC (Vancouver Adult LEGO® Club) has been working tirelessly to build a transportation exhibit for the Museum of New Westminster., called People Gotta Move.

Every giant LEGO display starts with a good foundation. Why cheat and use plywood you might ask? Well, in order to set up all the cars and mini figures, we had to be able to walk down the streets during set.



And here is the same wooden table with a few layers of LEGO added.


I totally recommend checking this exhibit out. The Museum is 2 walking minutes away from the New West Skytrain Station; and entry is by donation.

Ice Cream!

I was making some store fronts for a town display and figured I should make my favourite Ice Cream place, Umaluma!

It’s so hard to build LEGO when it’s sunny so I have been taking lots of breaks to bike to Umaluma.

Sorry the image is dark. This is inside a mall with really bad LED lighting. 🙂


Building the Wall!

I haven’t much to show so far this year, but I do want to share some old photos or builds.

I should mention that this had nothing to do with Trump. David Guedes, Keith Reed, and I started planning this project in Late 2014, and we completed it in April 2016.

Based on the giant Ice Wall from Game of Thrones, this large lego build was 4.5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. While we never counted, it’s fair to guess it’s about 100,000 pieces.

And here is a great video of me talking about the wall at Brickcon 2016

Corporate Logo

I have only build a few corporate logos, and this one was not the most interesting build, but they did have me do a giant LEGO play area for 40 kids at a big staff/family event. And they kept the logo at the end, of course. The funny part is, years later I was asking a layer friend about finding a lawyer for a project and he recommended his sister, who is always a lawyer. And sure enough, I walked into her firm and there was my brick-built logo. Small world.

My not-so-subtle stab at fast food

When Building a LEGO project, I don’t ever imagine that I will make kids cry, but it happened once. I built this Mc D’s for a 1950s layout, based on the original location with the arches.


And stealing a joke from the Simpsons, I put a truck in the back, unloading one of every animal into the kitchen. I built this in 2006 so there were far fewer LEGO animals available. But there were Polar Bears, Monkeys, Snakes, Rats, Cats, Frogs and Horses!

Anyway, A kid saw it and started crying “Mom, it’s not true! It’s not true!”

Imperial Fort

I built this imperial fort for the the Surrey Museum’s LEGO® Pirate exhibit in 2010.

Though the fort is a unique creation, the architectural style is loosely based on a Dutch fort I visited in the north of Brazil, Fort Natal. (Credit to Allan Corbeil and Dave De Gobbi for the houses behind the fort)

You can also see a great video of my whirlpool from the same exhibit here.

BrickCan Year 3 is just around the corner!

The third annual BrickCan LEGO Convention in Vancouver (Richmond) is coming up soon, on April 21st and 22nd! In the first two years, public tickets sold out for most viewing times/weeks in advance, so you might want to get your tickets soon. BrickCan features hundreds of amazing original LEGO creations, vendors with all kinds of parts, both used and new, and a large play area to build in.

The New Site

Well, after reading that most Canadians prefer and trust a .ca address over a .com, it was time to make a switch. And after 13 years of classic HTML, it was also time to move to a WordPress site.

So welcome to the new

Thank you, readers and fans of my creations with LEGO® brand bricks.