About Me

I began playing with LEGO® when I was 2 years old, and I have never stopped! In my early years as a builder, I focused mostly on building Castles. At age 8, I began building ‘my city’ which dominated all my living spaces for many years. I took it down when I was 16, but that was not the end of LEGO for me. The Vancouver LEGO® Club was about to form, with an original roster of 12 adult builders; and with my city out of the way, I was ready to start building specifically for public events, and to return to building castles and other historic themes.

Today, I work as a stage technician, do a bit of film/TV work on the side, do theatre with children/teens, and course, I build with LEGO®!  I also enjoy outdoor adventures and working on various community projects.


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