LEGO Exhibit at the Museum of Surrey

If you are anywhere Cloverdale, go check out the LEGO exhibit at the Museum of Surrey!
The Museum is currently home to a fantastic LEGO exhibit. About 35 members of the (adult club) contributed different aspects to bring it all together, with amazing curation and tech support from the Museum staff.
The exhibit is a brief history of LEGO and mainly a celebration of the classic era, 1978 to the mid 90s. In these years, LEGO introduced the “Minifigure” that we all know and love, and launched the first “themes”, such as Space and Castle.  The era sort of ended when LEGO hit financial troubles and really ended in 1999 when they bounced back from the edge of Bankruptcy with the new Star Wars theme (followed quickly by Harry Potter) and started gearing most of the sets toward licensed pop culture content.
My contributions were mostly in Castle theme, where I did a lot of landscaping, foliage and story telling with minifigures.
Visit the Museum’s site for more info an hours.
You have until March 31st to see it!
And if you can’t make it out, check out this virtual walk through.